Saturday, November 24, 2012


Wow, where did the last 6 weeks go!?!  A lot has happened, Sam turned 10 (say what?!), Halloween (we still have so much candy left!), 6 Fall baseball tournaments (2 first place & 1 second place...woot woot!), I broke my leg (yep, both bones in my lower right leg) and Thanksgiving.  Whew, no wonder I have been MIA for so long. 
Since I broke my leg I won't be able to sew this Holiday Season. Yep, total bummer. Luckily, I broke it before Black Friday because I was able to do 90% of my Christmas online over the past 2 days.  A blessing since I won't be able to drive for 6-10 weeks (anyone want to come over and hang out so I don't go completely stir cRaZy?).  And I got some really great deals :) 
I figured that just because I can't sew doesn't mean that everyone else won't be sewing, right? So, I will be holding a couple of giveaways over the next week or so (Don't worry, I will get the hubs to mail them out).  Not sure exactly what the goodies will be yet but I know 1 of them will be for my 2.5" strip scraps from this quilt top.  Perfect for a quick table runner or whatever your creative mind comes up with :)
That's it for me. To help livin up this post here is a pic of me and my cousin at our Thanksgiving day celebration at my parent's house.  He had surgery on his knee just a few days prior so he & I got to sit in matching recliners all day while people waited on us :)
I would love to hear what you have been up to or what wonderful projects you are working on.  I will try not to be too jealous ;) Be sure to come back for a visit next week and enter in my giveaways!