Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PINTEREST {I am totally addicted!}

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  If you have then I am sure you can relate to my addiction with it.  If you haven't, I suggest you visit.  Pinterest (by their definition)  'is a place to catalog the things you love'.  For me, it's a visual place for all of my 'favorites' with links attached (no matter if they are quilts, books, recipes or simply something that made me smile, it's all in one convenient place). I can also repin other's favorites and I can follow others' boards.  Other people can do the same with my favs.  It's so much fun!  CAUTION: be warned that it may take you away from some of your everyday responsibilities (who really likes doing laundry & cleaning toilets anyway!!).  

Now, head over to Pinterest and request an invitation (it usually takes about a week) and start pinning (well, if you want to).  You can follow my boards here

Happy pinning!


Monday, July 25, 2011


It's been 4 months since the Bloggers' Block~a~palooza wrapped up but I have just finally finished the last 4 blocks.   I really need to get better at finishing my works in progress before starting new ones.  I digress, here my blocks...

Block #13 was desinged by Tia Curtis from Camp Follower Bags & Quilts.

Block #14 was designed by Ryan Walsh over at I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts.

Block #15 was designed by Kerri Horsley at lovely little handmades.

Block #16 is my one of my favorites.  I love those little pinwheels!  I think that if I had a daughter I would make her an entire quilt out of them for her bed.  This block was designed by Vanessa Christenson from V and Co..

I started this quilt~a~long with the intention of giving the quilt to my Grandma Dee for her birthday in August.  Now you know why I am finally finishing it.  Let's hope I get it to her on time rather than making her wait 5 months like my other Grandma has been for her birthday quilt...yikes, that's a long time to wait!!  I promise, I really do have good intentions.  Good news is that I only have to handstitch the binding to the back :)

A BIG thanks to John from Quilt Dad for organizing this fun and fabulous quilt~a~long and also to all of the wonderful bloggers that took their time to create such beautiful blocks for us!  You can see the rest of my blocks here, here, and here

I would love to know how many projects you have in progress right now (it might me feel better about having so many of my own unfinished!).


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Thanks to everyone that entered to win a gathered clutch!  The winner is...

Sandi P is lucky #2.  Sandi, you should have an e-mail from me in your inbox. 

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


Looking for the Gathered Clutch {100th post giveaway}?
Click here.

My sister and her family moved last Sunday.  And not just across town but 8 hours away!  (I am not going to talk about it now because I am still too sad).  I wanted to give each of her boys a little something special from Auntie Beth before they left.  Having all nephews, I figured I couldn't go wrong with monsters.

My oldest nephew loved this monster shirt I made him a while back but he has outgrown it.  He thoughtfully handed it down to his cousin but I thought it would be fun to upcycle the shirt into a pillow and give it back to him. 

Another of my nephews enjoys collecting all things dirty.  Ya, sticks, worms, etc.  I made him this purse bag to put them into.  It is mostly made of oilcloth (purchased at  I used some window screen scraps for the bottom so some of the dirt can fall through.  The zipper serves as a mouth so the monster can eat all of the new found treasures ;-)
(I saw this idea somewhere out there in bloglansd but cannot seem to find it online anymore. If you know who originally came up with this great idea please leave their name or blog in a comment so I can give them proper credit...thanks!).

Lastly, I made this monster shirt for another nephew. It's the first of it's kind (most of my monster shirts look like the one I turned into a pillow). My nephew knew this and so it made him feel pretty darn special (and he is!!). It was much easier to make since there was no sewing involved (I used heat transfer vinyl). I will definately be making more soon.

The baby didn't get anything handmade but I did give him a special Aden + Anais blanket.  It's made of muslin and is perfect for a baby in this hot weather!! 

Do you have any fun monster ideas?


Monday, July 18, 2011


It's been almost 2 weeks since I mentioned that I would have a giveaway in celebration of my 100th post.  Sorry it took me so long, I surely didn't expect for life to get so busy.  Without further ado, I have a cute little gathered clutch {made by me}to give to one of my wonderful readers.  1 winner may choose which clutch they prefer.

Each clutch has 2 slip pockets for credit cards and a divider

I love these much that I almost didn't want to give one away ;-).  I will be making many more of them!  I followed a great tutorial over at Noodlehead.  If you haven't visited before you are in for a treat.   Anna just started Sewing With Knit Mondays and she has a great racerback tank tutorial posted today.   Tanks are a must right now with all of this 100+ weather we are having here.

SMALL DETAILS~To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post.  Be sure to leave me your e-mail address with your comment so I can contact you if you win!  You may get a 2nd chance by becoming a follower (if you are already a follower simply leave me a comment letting me know).  Giveaway is open to everyone :)

Giveaway will end on Friday, July 22 @ midnight (cst).  I will pick a winner via random generator and announce who the lucky reader is on Saturday.  Good luck!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


While in Iowa a couple of weekends ago we left a gift for baby Maggie.  Unfortunately we didn't get to meet her this time but we will be sure to make time during our next visit.  Hope she liked it!

Fabric is interlock knit by Michael Miller~Ta Dot.  Purchased at
Trim & name done in black ribbed knit.  Purchased at Joann's

I found tutorials for the blanket and the hat on Make It Love It

I forgot to snap a photo of the burp rags but here are the fabrics I used. 

You can see the ruffily edges on some of the ones I made before here.  I based the burp rags off of the ones by Homemade by Jill.  You can find her tutorial here.  I was lazy and just cut them in a rectangle shape, approximately 10"x 18".

Hope everyone is staying cool!  We are continuing to have 100+ weather here!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last week I promised a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post and well, I forgot!  My apologies to those of you that checked in to see what goodies were up for grabs.  Life just got a little busy and it slipped my mind.  Sooooo, I will be having one soon.  Now I just have to figure out what to make for you!

I couldn't post without a picture so here is Adam with his flowers.   We have been watering and loving them since they were tiny little seeds (even though we had NO idea what the seeds were!).  He is so proud that there are finally some flowers blooming.

Hope you have a splendid Tuesday!!  It's 100+ degrees  here so we will be inside!!


Friday, July 8, 2011


I know it's summer time but I honestly just got this end~of~school gift sent off to the boys' teachers (such a slacker!).  Thought I would share it now so you can get your cameras ready for when school starts next month.  I don't know about you but summer seems to be going by way to fast around here!

During the school year I took pictures at school holiday parties and field trips.  I also snatched a photo of each student.  At the end of the school year I asked each student to tell me what their favorite part of being in that teacher's class was.  Each child has their own page.  I added a couple of pages in the middle of random pics and at the end I included a poem about Teachers.  The front cover of the book is a class picture I had taken during the year and the back cover is a picture I took of my son with his teacher on the first day of school (ya know, so she doesn't forget who the book is from).

I sent this simple fabric card along with the photo book and mailed it off.

You can easily make your own with some card stock (I used blank cards I picked up at Michael's) and a piece of scrap fabric.  Just cut your scrap fabric to the same size as the front of your card (mine is approximately 3" x 5") and then attach it to your card with a glue stick.  (Optional~I used a 1/4" seam and sewed a straight line around the card).  Super easy, cute and personal.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope you have a super fun Friday!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I know, it's a little late to be posting these but I still wanted to share.

The red words are subtle but I am still happy with the way it turn out.
Complete with a flat front and side pockets.  Adam was proud to tell people his Mom made these just for him:)
 I picked up the shirts at Old Navy for $4 each and used my Silhouette along with some heat transfer vinyl to make these fun 4th of July shirts.  For the shorts I used some patchwork fabric from Joann's.  I followed a great tutorial from Make It Love It (thanks Ashley!).  The pockets were much easier to put it than I thought they would be...whew!

We had fun with our simple, low key celebration at home.  We couldn't handle much more after our busy weekend and drive back from Iowa (thanks to the Husar's for your fabulous hospitality!).

Hope that those of you in the States had a fun & safe 4th of July!

Hey, I just realized that I have posted my 100th post...WOW!  I think that calls for a giveaway.   I will post one soon so be sure to visit again this week!


Friday, July 1, 2011


I saw this adorable red, white & blue craft idea over at Creative Kristi. My boys are getting older and sometimes roll their eyes when I ask them to assist in crafts but I couldn't pass this one up.  

Fortunately there weren't any huffs, puffs or rolled eyes during the making of this American Flag
I even got the boys to pose with their OOAK artwork.

 Perfect for a mantle or on our front porch.

Sorry for the bad photo...the sun was setting so the shadows are awful
and I really should have cleaned our storm door...yikes!!
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out (paint splatter and all!).
FYI~I used a 16x20 canvas so I could get it out and admire those feet and hands every year.  Plus, I needed it to be big enough to accomodate those big feet!  My boys are 11, 8 & 5  in case you are trying to figure out how big of a canvas you will need for your little ones fingers and toes.  I have no doubt you could fit quite a few more prints on there if you have younger children.  I also used acrylic paint from a local craft store.  It dried quickly and washed off easily. 

Are you working on any red, white & blue projects this weekend?

I am linking up at Tatertots and Jello.  Go check out all of the other great inspiration!