Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PINTEREST {I am totally addicted!}

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  If you have then I am sure you can relate to my addiction with it.  If you haven't, I suggest you visit.  Pinterest (by their definition)  'is a place to catalog the things you love'.  For me, it's a visual place for all of my 'favorites' with links attached (no matter if they are quilts, books, recipes or simply something that made me smile, it's all in one convenient place). I can also repin other's favorites and I can follow others' boards.  Other people can do the same with my favs.  It's so much fun!  CAUTION: be warned that it may take you away from some of your everyday responsibilities (who really likes doing laundry & cleaning toilets anyway!!).  

Now, head over to Pinterest and request an invitation (it usually takes about a week) and start pinning (well, if you want to).  You can follow my boards here

Happy pinning!



Ruth said...

Oh, yes, I am a little (!) bit addicted! Following you now!

Janice said...

I too am addicted and now following you. My newest obsession as facebook has gone to the wayside. I love it!