Thursday, July 21, 2011


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My sister and her family moved last Sunday.  And not just across town but 8 hours away!  (I am not going to talk about it now because I am still too sad).  I wanted to give each of her boys a little something special from Auntie Beth before they left.  Having all nephews, I figured I couldn't go wrong with monsters.

My oldest nephew loved this monster shirt I made him a while back but he has outgrown it.  He thoughtfully handed it down to his cousin but I thought it would be fun to upcycle the shirt into a pillow and give it back to him. 

Another of my nephews enjoys collecting all things dirty.  Ya, sticks, worms, etc.  I made him this purse bag to put them into.  It is mostly made of oilcloth (purchased at  I used some window screen scraps for the bottom so some of the dirt can fall through.  The zipper serves as a mouth so the monster can eat all of the new found treasures ;-)
(I saw this idea somewhere out there in bloglansd but cannot seem to find it online anymore. If you know who originally came up with this great idea please leave their name or blog in a comment so I can give them proper credit...thanks!).

Lastly, I made this monster shirt for another nephew. It's the first of it's kind (most of my monster shirts look like the one I turned into a pillow). My nephew knew this and so it made him feel pretty darn special (and he is!!). It was much easier to make since there was no sewing involved (I used heat transfer vinyl). I will definately be making more soon.

The baby didn't get anything handmade but I did give him a special Aden + Anais blanket.  It's made of muslin and is perfect for a baby in this hot weather!! 

Do you have any fun monster ideas?


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