Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oops, I meant to get this post out this morning! 

To assure none of my little monsters get got pinched (ouch!) today they will all be wearing wore a little green (and so will did I!).  A couple of them are even sporting a Mommy~made shirt :) 

The grey tee was actually made last year but it still fits so less work for me this year, hooray!  I never got around to satin stitching the shamarock and letters.  Oh well, there is always next year!  I used my Silhouette to create the "moms lucky charm" shirt.  It hardly took any time at all and it looks like I bought it.  I sure do love that thing!!  The green tee was a hand~me~down (store bought) from my nephew.  Even though I feel very lucky to have ALL of my boys I think it is pretty darn funny cute.  Don't worry, he knows I love him very much!

Hope you all remembered your green!


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Anonymous said...

I must be living under a rock - that Silhouette is pretty slick! You make some very nice things - I want to comment all over the place!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I'm looking forward to reading/looking at more of your posts and work.