Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It is such a wonderful feeling to get things crossed off my long list.  I still have a ton more things to complete by Christmas but thanks to a productive week I was able to get a bag, 9 shirts and a cape done...whew!  I forgot to take pics of the bag, oh well. 

such a lovely stack of completed to-do's
These 2 initial tees are for an order
I couldn't find a font on liked in Word so I ended up freehanding the initials

I made 3 of these.  1 for each of my monsters :)
I made 3 of these for an order

I made another cape (that's my littlest monster testing it out for me ;o)
Super Kaden!
The other side is a Jayhawk.  As in the KU Jayhawks. 
Did you know that Tigers eat Jayhawks ;o)
And last, but certainly not least, I finished the Monster Shirt from my giveawayI have to say that this is probably my 2nd favorite monster so far!  I hope the recipient likes it as much as we do :)  All 3 of my little monsters asked if I could make one for them! 

I think I will name him Miles (wink, wink @ Angie)

Have you been crossing things off of your list? 

Oh, don't forget to send me pics of the Turkey shirts you have made.  I have received a few and would love to post them all a little closer to Thanksgiving.  If you have a blog I will happily link to it as well.

That's it for now.


Christy said...

I love, lovel love the monster shirt! Wish I had a tenth on your creativity! You're amazing!!! And by the way GO KU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bethanndodd said...

Thanks, Christy! I am sure you could do it if you tried :) Oh no, you are NOT a KU fan?! I guess I will let it slide since you left me such a nice comment ;o)

Anonymous said...

Those freehand letters are CUTE! And little Miles the Monster is adorable too! I can see why your kids all want one :-)

Good job getting so much crossed off your list! I just keep adding to mine, and nothing comes off. But there is still time to get it done before Christmas.

~ Meagan

bethanndodd said...

Thanks, Meagan!

Good luck to getting that list knocked out. I can totally relate to things being added to the list. A womans work is never done ;o)

Lisa said...

All the shirts are adorable Beth! I love your blog, you might make me have to get creative. LOL