Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is my 35th birthday.  Me, 35, really?  When did that happen?  Sometimes I look around & think 'wow, when did I grow up?'.  Of course, I am happy to be married & a Mom to my 3 wonderful boys.  I could definately do without the gray hair coming in and the wrinkles on my forehead though.  Seems like that last 15 years have just flown by (cliche', I know...sorry.  You know it's true!). 

Since it's just a normal Monday around here I will spend the day with my boys and hugging on my 5~month old nephew.  Hopefully I will get a little sewing done in between squeezes.  Tonight, Adam has a baseball game.  I will also be enjoying this giant piece of lemon cake...yummy (thanks Mom)!

Hope you have a beautiful Monday!


P.S.  While writing this post I got a phone call from my fabulous Grandma Carol.  Even though I saw her on Saturday, and she gave me a card then, she wanted to give me some birthday wishes on my actual birthday.  35 or 5, Grandmas always know how to make you feel special :)  Thanks Grandma, love you!


miamihoney said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Here's to a wonderful day with all of the people you love...the lemon cake seems to be a great addition :)

Beth Ann said...

Don't think of it as 35, but rather the 6th anniversary of your 29th birthday! That is how I am celebrating from here on out. Then you never have to say 30 or 40 or 50....

Little Blue Mouse said...

Happy Birthday!

amandajean said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fabulous! (I could go for a slice of lemon cake about now. Yum!) anyway, I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. (except I'm a pesky 36 instead of 35!) My kiddos are very close in age to yours, too. My oldest will be 11 in just a few months. Hope you are enjoying all the togetherness that summer brings. ;)