Monday, June 6, 2011


I have had squares cut for a zigzag quilt for over a year and a half now.  I decided it was time to trim them all down and start sewing them together.  I am using Riley Blake's All Star line (the first one).  It is one of my all time favorite lines for boys.  You can see another quilt I made with it here.

I have 9 rows of blocks sewn together but still have a lot of trimming to do.  After laying it all out (after almost 2 years) I realized that I want it to be a little bigger.  It will be for Adam (he is 5) & I want him to be able to use it for a while.  Luckily I was able to find most of the fabric I needed more of on Etsy.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any of the multi stripe.  I have enough to make more blocks but not enough for binding too (which was my original idea for it).  Maybe I can use a polk~a~dot or a solid instead...any suggestions?  Here is what it looked like before I started sewing it together...

If you are interested in making your own zigzag quilt check out this simple & easy~to~follow tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts.

Well, it's almost rest time so I am off to do some more trimming & piecing.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!



Jenniffier said...

It looks amazing and I love that fabric. I too made a quilt out of it and it makes me happy just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

What a cool theme for Adam. Your boys are blessed ! I gave some pics to your Mom from Mother's day. Bye for now;)) Auntie Jan

Miranda said...

That looks like it will be a great quilt. What about the star fabric for the binding? I think that a solid would look fine. Green or orange,even white, kind of balance out all of the prints.

amandajean said...

How cute is that?!

It's great that you were able to find most of the fabrics again. And as far as the binding goes, dots are always good. (If you ask me!)