Sunday, August 7, 2011


Warning: Picture heavy post {and there is nothing crafty}

Our visit to Indy was short but alot of fun.  The drive was long, about 8.5 hours (including stops) and there wasn't much to see along the way.  Really, it was just alot of this...

We were able to make up for it though with lots of this...

I don't know why they act so surprised that they got wet...they stood under it for several minutes.

Cool guys

Even Connor got wet!

I miss spending quality time with this little guy...just look at those cheeks!

I am not sure if he looks cute or mean in this one...I'll just go with cute ;)

Backyard football...the Dodd's against the Bregitzer's

We also went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum (did you know it's free between 4~8 on the 1st Thursday of every month?) but I forgot my camera...ugh!  I am sure my wonderful sister will send me pics of the ones I snapped with her camera though (no rush, sis).

We already miss everyone and look forward to seeing them when they visit in October! 

We got home late Friday night.  I was going to try to sew over the weekend but I didn't get time between football practice, a birthday party and 3 baseball tryouts.  We also squeezed some quality family time in there since we all missed Jason (the hubs/Daddy) while we were gone. 

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!



miamihoney said...

Glad you had a great trip! Sounds like you came home to a full plate, yikes!

cdc said...

I just looked at this post and I know you were at the park which is really close to my house. We had the kids there Sunday, it started with a hot bike ride and then fun in the splash park. Looks like the kids enjoyed it and I'm super glad they did. We call the park the dizzy park and love having it so close.