Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's no secret how much I appreciate the teachers in my boys' lives (you can can read about more gift ideas here).  Since this is the season of giving I wanted to make them a little something to show that appreciation.  I decided on mugrugs, I think they are so stinking cute (and useful too!).  I had fun choosing fabrics for each teacher. I tried to use some of their favorite colors.
Fabrics used are Chrysalis, Kona Stone & Kona Artichoke

Fabrics used are Make Life by Sweetwater and Kona Artichoke

Fabrics used are Denyse Schmidts line for JoAnns & Sunkissed by Sweetwater

Fabrics used are Hullabaloo and Kona Cardinal

Fabrics are from random lines in my stash.  Binding is Kona Cardinal

Fabrics used are Half Moon & Kona Cardinal 
I used Amy from Diary of a Quilter's quick Table Runner Tutorial to put this one together.  I loved how simple and fast it was.  I will definately be using this method again soon!  I also used Amanda Jean's "one way to machine~bind a quilt" tutorial for all of the bindings.  Thanks Amy & Amanda Jean!
 I rolled these little mug rugs up and added them to an adorable basket I got from thirty~one, along with a favorite drink, a favorite snack & a 'keep it warm/cold' cup (it was super cute all put together, wish I had taken a pic...oops!).
Did you spoil your child's teacher this Christmas?  If so, please share in a comment.  I am always looking for new ways to show our appreciation for all of the time they give our boys. 


ShirleyC said...

When I was a teacher, I would have adored a gift like that. So cute and useful. I love mug rugs!

SarahZ said...


Cathy (cdc) said...

Those are so cute. This year I just gave the teachers a cute card with a picture of the kids. I wrote them a short thanks for being so great. I thought about making them some coasters but then chicken out. Girl 1 came home and told me of how many gifts the teachers were getting and knew I was slacking but this is just kindergarten so lesson learned.

miamihoney said...

So adorable! I love the one with the writing on the back. I went the yawn gift card route this year- life got too hectic for me :(