Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Every year since I started sewing I have made the boys Christmas jammies/pj's.  They are always made of snuggle flannel.  This year I discovered some fabulously soft flannel at JoAnns called Plaiditudes.  It washes up wonderfully without balling and somehow gets even softer after each wash (so soft that I even bought some for myself!!).  And they just happened to have a perfect plaid for Christmas jammies...yay!  In addition to those I had a few special requests by my nephews for their own pair. Some even asked for matching shirts :)

You can't see them but those Christmas jammies looked great paired with these plan tees (can't believe I didn't get the jammies in the pic...geez!)

For Logan
I made the soccer ball with Silhouette soccer_C00212_20387 & Silhouette fabric paint

For Zach
I used Silhouette skull_C01416_17986 & Silhouette fabric ink

The jammies were all a hit. I have another pair on my list for one of my nephews who has a birthday coming up in early February (he had requested a monster shirt for Christmas but immediately knew he wanted some jammies for his birthday after seeing his brother Zach's set).  It always amazing that these boys look forward to their handmade Aunt Beth gifts.  It makes my heart happy :)

Happy Tuesday!

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Tracy Biermann said...

Can you remind me next fall to ask for a pair of pants for Jack for Christmas!?!? Those are cute - and he would wear those (unlike the matchy ones I find to go w/ his sisters jammies!!) :)