Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have needed wanted to change our home decor for a while now.  It took a couple years of bitching begging but I finally got the hubs on board...yay!!  The first step was painting (you can see part of the process here).  Next, with help from one of our more-than-wonderful neighbors, the board & batten went up.  

I didn't do a step by step post because there are already so many great how-to's out on the web. You can check out a couple I found helpful here & here.

 (I had already started to rip down the wallpaper before I realized I forgot to take a pic)



I am SO happy with the way it turned out!  And it will look even better when we get rid of that curio, paint the buffet and replace the kitchen table & chairs (ordered last week!!).  I am still deciding on a color for the buffet.  My original thought was to paint it black but I am tempted to go bolder with a pop of color, maybe orange.  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow, our very handy neighbor is coming over again to help the hubs put trim around the living room window, change out the front door trim to match and start the process of replacing our baseboards. 

I will be sure to post pics soon. 

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Katy Lautzenhiser said...

LOVE the color you chose, Beth! Simply gorgeous, and makes the room look so much bigger! Isn't it amazing how a can of paint can completely change the look of a home?! Good for you, girl:)

Autumn Halterman said...

I love it Beth! You are inspiring me to get some things done at my house! Will have to swing by & see it in person...maybe w/ some refreshments after a hard days! I like the idea of paiting your buffet orange, your quilt will accent it all very nicely!! Have a great day! :)

Kristie said...

I LOVE how this turned out! Gorgeous!!