Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My littlest monster lost his first tooth last week. 

I was so excited for him (and sad at the same time, he is really growing up). He has been waiting for that moment for a year.  When you have 2 big brothers it's hard not to want to be doing all things they are, even if it's losing teeth. 

To help celebrate the big event I made him a monster tooth fairy pillow.  I pinned this pillow a while back and knew that my littlest monster would love something similar.  I combined that monster with the monster from a shirt I made last year for my nephew and voila!

It came together rather quickly and I was able to use scraps from his All Star quilt...bonus!! 

He can't wait to lose more teeth!


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Kristie said...

Beth! This is beyond cute. Love it!