Friday, April 29, 2011


While picking up my littlest monster at preschool yesterday I noticed a sign posted by the door of his classroom "Imagination day on Friday, please dress up like princess/prince".  My first thought was "WHAT?!...I have 3 boys and absolutely NOTHING prince-like at home!".  Don't get me wrong, I am all for imaginative play and of course we have swords and knights (little fisher price figures) but he couldn't wear those to school.  It wasn't long before I came up this...

I used my Silhouette (of course!)
Images are Crown_1_C00226_23067 & Frog_C00558_23067
You'll have to excuse his closed eyes and rain boots.  There isn't any rain here today but the boots are new so he just had to wear them outside.  As for the closed eyes, it's quite sunny here today (hooray!!) and it was either let him close his eyes or post pictures like these...

Hope everyone has a happy friday!!!


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Ruth said...

Love the frog! And the boots!!