Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Wow, I have been so busy with practices, games and projects that I didn't realize it's been so long since my last post...oops!  Hope you are enjoying the new scenery!  Here is one of the little things that kept me busy in the last week.

This cool peek~a~boo bag was made for a neighbor for his birthday.  You can find an easy tutorial on Make It Perfect.

This bag is perfect for legos or any other special things that your little one would like to tote around with them.  Could even work for an overnight bag.  The possibilities are endless :)

The birthday boy has graduated from the bigger legos to these smaller, more challenging legos so we took out the block in the above picture and put this box inside. 

I knew both gifts were a hit when he grinned from ear to ear about the legos and then went straight to his room to fill the bag up with his favorite bedtime items.  That is exactly why I love sewing so much.  It truly makes my heart happy to see others so excited about a gift I made just for them.

I have 2 more bags to show you this week and a custom crib bedding set.  Hope you come back soon!



Katy Lautzenhiser said...

I love these Peek-A-Boo bags, Beth! What a great idea:) Keep up your creativity!

bethanndodd said...

Thanks, Katy!!!

Jamie said...

look at your new page...so cute! I like the name too!

Aaron still loving his bag! Thank you so much! You're the best!

bethanndodd said...

Jamie~So happy to hear that he still loves his bag :)