Friday, October 7, 2011


Every year the boys' elementary school holds a school carnival for the kids and an auction for the adults.  Students donate items for their themed class basket (this year we have Clifford, Christmas Fun & a Tailgating basket to donate items for), local businesses donate items from their shops, dinners, Chiefs tickets, gift certificates & much more.  It's a fun night for everyone and a great way to raise $ for the school. 

Last year someone mentioned that it would be cool to have a quilt made out of old GWE t~shirts.  I agreed.  So, with some help collecting past years spirit wear (one as old as 1992!!!) I am making a t~shirt quilt to be donated and auctioned off.  I hope everyone likes it!!

Here is what I have so far.  I am adding 2" white sashing and a border all around it.  It will make the quilt just the right size and make each square pop. (I am using Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton). 

Well, I am off to get this quilt top finished, quilted and bound.  The auction is in just 1 week!!! 



April Yost said...

I wish I had known Beth, I have a sweatshirt from 1985-ish!!! I'll post a pic for you to giggle at.

Kelli said...

I made a t-shirt quilt once. And that's the only one I hope to ever make. It wasn't hard, just not as much fun to me as other things. Good luck with it and the auction!!