Monday, October 24, 2011


Wishing a very HaPPy BiRthDaY to my Sunshine!
(aka: middle monster or Sam)

Some things I love about you
~your ears (even though you think they are big, which they are not)
~your smile, those dimples are hard to resist
~the way you love your brothers
~you never give up at ANYTHING
~your sense of humor (even if it gets you in trouble alot sometimes)
~your honesty
~your love for Rally
~you will try new foods (you like most of them)
~the way you look up to your Dad
~your hugs...they are the best!!! (thanks for giving them to me everyday!)

Love you lots, Sammy!   I am so proud to be your Mom!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! He is sooo cute!!