Monday, October 4, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch & an unexpected SURPRISE!

We went on our annual Family Pumpkin Patch Adventure at Johnson Farms yesterday.  Our crew included: myself, Jason and our 3 little things, my sister (Laurie) and her family (hubby (Ben) & their 3 boys), my brother (Chris) and his family (wife (Rachel) & their 2 sons) and my parents (Mike & Diane).  In case you lost count, that's 8 boys!!!  Beautiful weather and spending time with family made for the perfect day.
What a sight!
Our adventure started with some basic fun with the boys...mazes, swings, slides & pumpkin launching.

Never too old to enjoy swinging :)
The 3 Amigos

The lil' guys being silly

After that we headed up to the Pumpkin Patch to search for our perfect pumpkins.  We hitched a ride on the way.  Hayrides are so much fun!

All my boys (aren't they a handsome group)

With much excitement, the boys found their pumpkins (and some gourds too). 

Such beautiful colors
 Oh, I bet you are wondering what the big surprise is.  On the way out we noticed that there were some dogs and puppies there from Happy Dog Rescue.  We went over to see the pups and you guessed it, we adopted a puppy!  Her given name was Mouse but the boys renamed her Rally.  She is the PERFECT addition to our family.  Sometimes surprises are also a blessing. 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!  Smiles...

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