Saturday, October 2, 2010

A beautiful Saturday & a finished bag

It's a gorgeous day here, despite the wind.  I am happy that I got to spend some of the day outside enjoying it.  I also got to enjoy watching some of my favorite people play what they love...sports.  My littlest monster had a soccer game and my middle monster had a tackle football game.  Littlest monster's team is still too young to keep score but he figured out on his own that they lost.  That's ok, he had a great time and got a snack (that's the best part, right?).  The middle monster's team won....woot woot!  Way to go Bucs!

I finished the messenger bag for my biggest monster's "friend"*.  Good thing since the party is tonight.  This will be his first boy/girl party since he was in 1st grade.  I have a feeling that things have changed quite a bit since then.  He is growing up way too fast!  I digress.  A little birdie told me that she (biggest monster's "friend"*) loves peace signs right now.  Hope she likes the bag!

As I mentioned before, I followed this tutorial by Larissa Holland over at mmmcrafts.  This is the second messenger bag** I have made using her tutorial.  The instructions are easy to follow & her pictures are clear (thanks, Larissa!).  I changed a couple little things but nothing major.  You probably wouldn't even notice.  I think I may just have to make one for myself next time :). 

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


*"friend"~this really means girlfriend.  I am just not quite ready for that yet though.  Don't worry, they have known eachother since preschool and she is a very sweet & darling little girl young lady

                                                           ** My first messenger bag.


Amy said...

Love the bag for the "girl-friend". Maybe when my Sam has his first invite to a girl/boy party, I'll have you whip up one of your fabulous bags. They are a-dorable. I am currently using my striped diaper bag that I got from you and I get at least one compliment on it every time I go out in public. Even got one at the ob/gyn waiting room the other day of all places:) I'm enjoying your blog....keep up the good work!

bethanndodd said...

Thank you, Amy! I am so happy to hear that you still use and like that bag :). I always loved those stripes! For your sake, I hope your Sam waits til he's older than 10 to have a "girl-friend".

Anonymous said...

A great start to your blog, I am excited to read more!! Great bag, so cute!

Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

I've used that tute! Hope she loved the bag! My Ella carries her bag to school daily, and she loves it too :) Happy to see you blogging Beth!!

Larissa said...

You are welcome, Beth! Your bags are great, but I have to say I really dig that denim. Your son's 'friend' is very lucky. (I cannot even think about a time when boys will be calling my girls. Ack ack ack!)