Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last night I went to the Modern Quilt Guild meet up in Kansas City.  It was my small way of trying to be part of the Spring Quilt Market.  I only live about 30 minutes from where it was held and since it was open to anyone I figured I would take the chance of looking like an out~of~place stalker so I could meet a few really cool & inspiring bloggers. 

I am so happy I went!!  Although I am not sure I can say the same for my hubby.  He was such a trooper :)
warning~there are a couple very blurry pics ahead, sorry!
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There were 2 people I was looking forward to meeting and was able to meet them both.  Hopefully I didn't make too big of a fool of myself while talking to them ;)

First is Amy of Diary of a Quilter.  I have been a follower of her blog for a long time and am so thankful that she shares so much of her creativity with her readers.  She is the author of some wonderful patterns and also has free tutorials on her blog. 

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Next is Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom QuiltsIf you are a regular reader you probably recognize her blog name from all of my Finish It Up Friday posts and the All Star zigzag quilt I made for my littlest monster.  In addition to her blog she is also the author of new quilting book, Sunday Morning Quilts.  I stupidly left my copy at home.  I wish I had brought it & had her sign it for me, oh well.

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I also met & chatted briefly with Julie from Jaybird QuiltsI didn't get a picture with her but I did manage to snap this one of her enjoying the announcement of all of the prizes.

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I snapped this picture of Amy BulterI wish I had the nerve to go say hi to her. I truly am a big fan of her fabric. 

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Although I didn't get to go to the actual Quilt Market I was able to score a couple goodies, courtesy of the owner of Bound in Stitches and a sweet gal named Trina Thomas of Oklahoma.

Yep, that's Amy Butler on the cover!!!  Thank you, Michele!

A super cute pencil from Liberty of London...thanks Trina!!

Another worthy mention would be that I met Kathy Mack of Pink Chalk Studio.  I am pretty sure she thought I was crazy so I opted not to scare her by asking for a picture ;)

I had a great time meeting these quilty gals.  Amy & Amanda Jean have been a big influence on me & have helped inspire me over the past few years.  It was truly a pleasure to meet them.  Thank you both for sharing so much of yourselves with us and for taking the time to chat with me. 



amy smart said...

Beth, it was so much fun to meet YOU!! Your comments are always so encouraging and sweet and you are even more sweet in person!

Tell your hubby thanks so much for making the trip. (He is a GOOD sport. :) I'm SO glad that you came!

Kristie said...

That sounds amazing!! So glad you had fun, met some great people (I love Amy, too!) and your hubby is a good man for joining you. Not sure mine would be up for all my fabric petting and squealing, LOL!

Trina said...

Hahaha! The pencil! I love your blog! Its so adorable!

I'm so glad I met you and I look forward to developing a great friendship like I have with so many other quilting friends around the states!


P.S. Kathy is crazy too, in the good way of course! :)

P.S.S. I have to send you something more than a pencil. Oh my good grief. lol