Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was so thrilled to read about Amanda Jean's small project sew along for the month of May. She must know how busy I am ;)

With sports taking over our lives for the next few months I will have very limited time at my sewing machine.  Small projects are just what this girl needs to feel like I am putting a dent in my long list of things to make.  A finish is a finish, no matter how small!
So, here it is.  My small projects list (in no particular order).  Now, I know it won't all get done but it will be nice if I can get a few things crossed off.
1. Pincusion (for me)
2. Fabric trashbag for car (2)
3. Kindergarten Grad shirts (2)
4. Cut fabric for Nathan's quilt
5. Pillowcase for Sam
6. Mickey Mouse shirts for Disney (17!!!)
7. Skirt (for me)
8. Phone holder for when it is charging
9. Finish binding on Chrysalis DP quilt
10. Bind Dr. Seuss quilt
11. Zip pouch for special someone
12. Cape
13. Pillows for new couch
14. Money cuff (3)
15. Replace straps on Kristine's dress
16. Get t~shirt quilt top complete
17. Fix Nathan's jammies
18. Make 4 Granny Square blocks (I am SO behind!!!)
19. Cut solid rectangles for I Spy quilt
20. Table runner for kitchen table
21. Luggage tag
22. Pillowcase for Adam
23. Sleeveless bow shirt (for me)

Here's to small projects!!
Hope your day is splendid!



Kat said...

Yay to small projects!! I am participating as well, and I've very happy to see someone else's list is longer than mine :-)

I look forward to watching your progress!

Kristie said...

That list is making my head spin ;) I am too scared to even compile the things I need/want to get done. And seventeen Disney shirts?? Very exciting!