Sunday, January 30, 2011


My sister had her baby on Friday!  We are so thankful that both mama and baby boy are doing wonderful.  

only 6 hours handsome!

We all had the pleasure of holding him (except for hubby, he has a cough).

Isn't he adorable?!  I just love his hair!  The boys were all so proud when they held him.  I have received several requests for a new baby at our house.  I broke all their hearts when I told them that there would be NO more babies for us.  They were very happy, however, when I told them that their new baby cousin would be hangin out with us a couple days a week once their Aunt goes back to work.  Honestly, I am pretty excited about it too :)  I love babies!

In preparation of the little guys arrival I have made lots of fun little things that I haven't gotten a chance to show you, including this diaper bag.  Oh, how I love that red!  I will post more pics later in the week. 

Hope you all had a wonderful and fun weekend! 


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