Monday, January 31, 2011


I decided to jump into another quilt along.  It was hosted by Rachel of P.S. I Quilt.  Unfortunately, it started on January 3 and I just found it on the 18th.  Today was the last day to post a finished quilt top.  I thought I could get it finished by today but there was just too much cutting and piecing.  Anywho, here is what I got accomplished. 

After sewing 1.5" strips together, I cut 8 strip sets like this into 28~1.5" squares

that's alot of stacks!

Here is my 1 lonely little block...only 27 more to go!

Hopefully I will keep up with it and get it finished sooner than later.   If you don't see pics of a finished quilt top in a month or so feel free to hound me about it.  It's nice to get a little push every once in awhile. 



H2Ogirl said...

I'm right with ya.. but this is SOOOO lovely I can't wait to see the finished project.

Peach Rainbow said...

It looks beautiful! I think she has extended the deadline, you can try to complete it before then - please check the flickr group.

Lisa said...

I love it Beth!

Mallory said...

I love it, Beth!

bethanndodd said...

Thank you, Mallory & Lisa!