Thursday, January 20, 2011


The boys had ANOTHER snow day today.  If you don't live around here then you should know that today makes day #5 (between last week and this one!).  And since there were already two scheduled days off that means the boys have been to school/pre-k only 2 days out of the last 10.  It's like Christmas break all over again!  As much as I love them I am crossing my fingers that school will be back in session tomorrow.  Since we didn't get a chance to play outside last week we took the boys sledding today (after they helped shovel the driveway, of course).

Even Rally helped! 

I always loved making snow angels.

Time to hike up the hill.

The boys all got a turn to jump a ramp on the hill. It was a blast!

Now that playtime is over I must go work on my challenge that is due on Monday.

Don't forget that you have a couple more hours to enter my little giveaway.  I will announce the winner tomorrow.

What did you do today?


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