Monday, January 3, 2011


I finally got a little time to work on my sewing room.  Remember this messIt's still not finished but at least I can walk in it without tripping over stuff.  It's so much easier to create in a semi-organized space! 

Look at all of that fabric goodness!

I have 2 quilts I will be working on this month.  A baby quilt for my nephew, due to arrive in early February (for my sister's sake, hopefully late January!).  And a lap quilt for my Grandma Carol.  I will also be participating in my first quilt-a-long (begins January 24).  I am so excited!  More on that later.  It will be for my Grandma Dee.  Here is a peak at the fabrics I will be using in the quilts.

For Baby Connor

For Grandma Carol

For Grandma Dee
 What are you working on?


Beth Ann said...

looks like you are working on a bloody mary too.

bethanndodd said...

Nice eye, Beth Ann ;)